Good Palms Sage Wallpaper

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Please review our detailed product information and commonly asked questions below. If you have any further enquiries in relation to this product, please contact our Customer Care team prior to placing your order.

Please note that many modern wall paints on the market such as Washable, Wash and Wear and Endurance style paints contain non-stick additives, which repel self-adhesive wallpapers and decals. Always contact your paint provider to ask if self-adhesive wallpaper is suitable for use over your paint type.

Self-adhesive wallpapers and/or decals will not adhere to the above paint types or heavily porous surfaces.

Pre-purchase Checklist

1. Check with your paint manufacturer's call centre to ensure self-adhesive peel-and-stick wallpaper will stick to your type of walls (many modern paints have additives which repel self-adhesive wallpaper, be sure not to avoid this step! Failing to do this may result in the wallpaper not sticking to / falling off your wall, or creating large bubbles - for the longevity of your new wallpaper, always check your paint is compatible before purchasing.)

2. Once you’re sure your painted wall will allow our peel-and-stick wallpaper to adhere to it, order a sample so you can review your chosen design, colour & pattern is suitable for your interior project.

3. Allow a minimum of 30 days before installing peel-and-stick wallpaper to freshly painted walls.

4. If your paint type is not compatible with self-adhesive peel-and-stick wallpaper products, simply paint your wall with a high quality primer, wait 30 days for your painted wall to cure and then install your chosen design.

Suitable for use in light residential walls as well as glass, mirrors and/or brushed metal.

Not suitable for use on: highly textured walls, near high heat / wet areas or painted walls with repellent additives.

Click here for your installation guide.

Always read our Purchase Policy & Disclaimer before purchasing.

Please choose carefully, as unfortunately due to the fragile and custom made nature of our product(s), we do not offer refunds / returns or exchanges based on changed of mind, wrong decisions or incorrect choice.

All products are artistically designed & edited, if you have any queries about a particular design on our website, please contact customer care before placing your order.

If you have any further enquiries, please call Customer Care on 0497 453 519.

Wallpaper samples are uniquely designed for you to review your chosen pattern and colour choice. Samples feature a 'to scale' section of your chosen design, along with a small preview of what a panel of your chosen wallpaper can look like.

Our wallpaper designers will do their best to accommodate any customisation requirements to your final wall purchase like; scale of patten (most can be made smaller or larger) and/or colour changes.

Additional samples will need to be purchased if required.

Samples are not designed for small projects, if you would like a small section of wallpaper for a project please contact customer care for a quote.

Olive et Oriel ships your order within 24 hours*. Our team are dedicated in achieving the fastest turnaround time in the wall decor industry. 

Shipping prices are calculated at checkout.

Please visit our Shipping Policy or FAQ for more detailed information.

Olive et Oriel 'Peel & Stick' wallpaper and decals are made from a unique woven/fabric matte wallpaper suitable for residential & light commercial interiors. It is not a washable product.

Fabric: 50% Polyester, 45% Polyethylene

Width: 75cm panels / Finished design will have a 5mm-1cm overlap on the right side of each panel.

Please note that many paint products on the market such as Washable,Wash and Wear, Low Sheen and Semi Gloss contain high amounts of additives and other chemicals such as teflon and silicone, which repel self-adhesive wallpapers and decals. We recommend you contact your paint manufacturer's call centre to ask if self-adhesive wallpaper is suitable for use on your painted walls.

It is upon the purchaser to ensure this product is suitable for the location and wall it is to be installed based on all information provided within this detailed product page. We recommend you purchase a wallpaper sample to test the colour, stick-on style and your chosen design prior to purchase, as individual phone and computer screen settings may alter the colour shown to you on-screen. We also recommend you check with your paint provider that your painted wall is suitable for peel & stick self-adhesive based wallpapers prior to purchasing.

For further detailed information, we recommend you contact Customer Care prior to placing your order if you have any questions or concerns as unfortunately due to the custom made nature of this product, it is not eligible for a refund, store credit or exchange based on change of mind, wrong decision or if you have not fully reviewed our detailed product information above.

Disclaimer: Whilst all testing of Peel & Stick repositionable wallpaper has shown positive feedback and undergone years of testing via this US patented product, it is important to know that we can not guarantee that under any and all circumstance the material will stay completely in-tact and/or that no adhesive will remain on the surface when removed or that your surface will not adhere to it. The number of painted coats on your wall, age and type of paint used, direct, undulation, dryness or dampness of your intended surface, no PVA primers used, heat from the sun may have effects when removing from the surface. We advise against hanging wallpaper above a cot, baby or childs bed. Choking hazard: Wallpaper and wall decals are not toys, full adult supervision is required - keep out of reach of children.